SOLD - 58M Miner/Mining Fleet/Covert Ops Pilot

58Mil Skillpoints Miner Focus
Mining/Fleet Mining/Transport Ships/Salvage/Covert Ops

Has +4 implants for Perception, Memory, Willpower and Intelligence and a separate clone with a Mining Forman Mind-link

Starting at 35B
Closes in 24 Hours

Come chat in-game, i’m online

35B ready

37 bill

38B ready

40 bill ready to go

Not long to go.

I didn’t notice there’s no time shown so once I see it tick over to 24h I’ll end it and start arranging transfer.

41 billions

I’ll do 42.

Auction closed.

Thanks to all the bidders and to Sheldon_d_Albion for the winning bid. If you let me know when payment has been sent and i’ll arrange the transfer

Did you miss my bid?

Sorry, it was passed the 24h.

I refreshed the page and your bid was posted when I was writing the reply to close it.

I see, either way I’d be happy to send you the 42 now. Your call.

Well it wouldn’t be fair to change it without giving Sheldon_d_Albion a chance to send payment.

So if they change their mind, or haven’t sent payment in a few hours then we’ll see.

Good if I win, when can you start the whole shebang @Cymraeg_Gweithiwr

i’ll offer 50 b now

If? You won :slight_smile: @Sheldon_d_Albion

Currently logged in so as soon as the payment arrives I’ll transfer it and then arrange the transfer.

Think I just need your account to transfer it to so if you send that with the payment or send me a PM with it. In the process of moving another toon so there might be a about 10 minutes before I do the transfer though if that’s ok.

Ready to proceed but your evemail : " You are not allowed to contact Cymraeg Gweithiwr."
PM you now :slight_smile:

@Sheldon_d_Albion ok should be fixed now but it says it can’t find you but I’ve not played in a few years so maybe i’ve forgot a trick or ten.

Isk and information sent