SOLD 5M Science SP Farm +5 Implants

I am for sale.

  • Positive wallet balance
  • No kill rights
  • No jump clones
  • Located in Jita 4-4
No password

  • Clean corp history
  • Clean killboard
  • Mapped to Intelligence/Memory (2 bonus remaps)
  • +5 Intelligence and Memory implants

I will pay for transfer.

4.5b ISK or best offer

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What is the password to see the character info?



(Sorry - first time selling)


Bidding still open.


When you sell your suppose to pay transfer correct?

Yes, I will pay the transfer fee.

Bumpity bump bump…



Do I hear 4b? Or 4.5b and I’m yours now.

4 bil B/O

4.0b offer accepted. Send ISK and account info ingame and I will initiate the transfer.

Thanks, will be online in a couple of hours and message you / send you the isk then

Isk and Mail sent.

As requested, if you can hold off starting the transfer for an hour until I finish bio massing a char. Thanks

Thank you, I see the ISK.

I’ll wait another 30min to do the transfer.

That the char biomassed / slot freed up, thanks

Transfer initiated. There is a 10 hour delay.

You should get an email shortly.

Thank you and o7.

Email received.

Thanks for a quick and easy transaction.