[Sold] 63.4M Max DPS Vindicator, Gallente Subcap Pilot, Close to Than/Moros

Hello Community,

I’ve decided to sell my cute and deadly 63.4M SP hybrid turret specialist. While she has excellent skills for Gallente/Serpentis subcaps of any size, she isn’t actually that far off flying Moros and Thanatos.

Checkmate loves Pew but can also fly a Scimitar and is an excellent choice for PVP fleets but also lategame PVE content.

Last Bid on old forums 45b
I’m looking for 50+ to be honest,
Buyout 52b



Specialized skillset with only few redundant skills.
11.8M SP in gunnery, including: maxed gunnery support skills, large blaster spec 5, all other hybrid spec skills 4
28.9M SP in spaceship command, including: Gallente/Minmatar cruiser & battleship 5, logi 5, recon 5, interdictors 5, EAS 5
10.2M SP in drones, including: sentry drone interfacing 5, all sub-fighter support skills 5, fighters 5, all drone spec skills 4

Can fly highly desirable ships for Sansha incursion fleets: max DPS vindicator and logi 5 scimitar

Skills for gallente freighter, viator and travel proteus to safely move stuff through high, lowsec and 0.0.

Advanced PER/WILL moros and thanatos skills completed: advanced spaceship command 5, Gallente dread 5, Gallente carrier 5, capital hybrid turret 5, fighters 5

Positive wallet, 5.0 security status, allowed in all 4 empires, 9.6 Angel Cartel standings, intact reputation, stylish name, short corp history (considering the character was made in 2008!)

3 bonus remaps available

Jumpclones in different NPC 0.0 stations: G-0Q86 (Curse) and N5Y-4N (Venal)

Currently located in Amarr in a clone with the following implants:
standard augmentation set,
warp drive speed WS-615, motion prediction MR-705, capacitor management EM-805
gunnery RF-905, large hybrid LH-1005

With a tear in my eye, please give this cutie a loving home…

46bil bid

Come on guys, a little more

Last guy won another auction, and looks like interest from the old forum has lapsed.

I’ll match the last old forum bid = 45bn and am ready to trade now if you want to close a deal today.

Offer still stands but I am also bidding on other toons.

I have currently accepted a 47b offer and am waiting for the money to be transferred.

If this fails for some reason, bidding will reopen.

Cool - thanks for the update. Keep me posted.

B/O 52 b

Accepted fosruk at 52b! Please proceed sending the isk and tell me what account to transfer to.

account name and isk sent

the deal is done, goodbye checkmate :smiley: