SOLD. 63.7 million SP Capital/Covert Ops character


This character is now up for sale.

She’s got 63,761,484 skill points with a further 644,809 unallocated.

Positive wallet.
No kill rights.
Jump clone is Torrinos and one other in TPAR-G that would have been created over 4 years ago when this character was last subbed.
Character is in Torrinos.

When I did a price check someone offered 50 billion.

I’ll run this till Sunday but will set a Buy Out of 55 Billion.

Thanks for any interest shown.

Kind regards

Elliot Reid (my main)

50.5 bil

Thanks for the bid, if no one else bids soonish I’ll happily pass her on to you.

Final bump. Buy out now 52 b.

need to retract my bid. best of luck

50.6 billion

51 bil

Sold to Gattanera for 51b.

Once the isk is with me I’ll start the transfer process.

Sending now

This is the first time I’ve transferred a character but I believe it’s done my end.

Finally received an email saying Pammy is on her way to the account you emailed me.

Thanks for buying her, if you’re going to play her have fun but if you’re going to extract the SP’s then I hope you make a decent profit.

Kind regards

Elliot Reid.

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