SOLD# Any interest in this guy 5.5msp Booster/Corp/Alliance creation toon #SOLD

I started this guy years ago to create alliance with, I don’t even know if you still need skills to make an alliance anymore…

Remaps available.
Full set +3 implants.

just trying to get an idea of what he might be worth, he is currently corp’d up so this isn’t a sale thread yet, but if there is an interest and he is worth selling, I will drop the corp and be for sale.

All CCP rules will apply if the character is to be sold.

3.5bn offered

3.6 bil

4bn final offer, isk ready

just a bump

My offer still stands at 4bn

4.5b isk ready

Confirming that I am for sale and that I agree to be sold to Biz Wiz for 4.5b isk.

Once isk and acct info has been rec’d the character will be shipped without delay.

In NPC corp, no real assets, pos wallet and sec stat.

Account info mailed, ISK sent. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Awesome, just got in from work, gimme a few mins and he is on the way o/

He is on the way, thanks mate o7

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