SOLD Basi Pilot 7.1 mil sp

(Mau James) #1

Focused Basi Pilot

Your corp needs a good Logi pilot… look now further, Im here !

7.1 mil sp and raising

no kill rights

positive wallet

2 remps

docked in a Jita Station

open bid 6 bil
Buy out ill know it when i see it!

(Kiana Shi) #2

B/O 5b

(Mau James) #3

thank you Kiana. but a little lower than im willing to go.

(Mau James) #4


(Mau James) #5


good alt logi pilot for gate camping :slight_smile:

(Mau James) #6


(Mau James) #7

accepting bids here

(Mau James) #8

ahoy mateys

(Mau James) #9


(Velo Citer) #10

6 Billion

(Mau James) #11

velo citer- offer accepted. send isk to me and and account name and ill get the transfer started

(Velo Citer) #12

Okay need up to an hour. I bought PLEX right after I made the bid. It says it can take up to an hour to appear in my PLEX vault.

(Mau James) #13

no worries

(Velo Citer) #14

Finally got the PLEX overnight. We good to go?

(Mau James) #15

yes we are

(Velo Citer) #16

ISK sent to Mau James, please initiate transfer. I sent an in-game email with Account ID to send character to.


(Mau James) #17

You have chosen to transfer the character Mau James to the account named V!@#$%^&*()9.

We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.

thank you sir and fly safe

(Velo Citer) #18

I got an email showing the same. Thank you!

(system) #19

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