SOLD Betty Swallowes 6msp starter, check her out :)

(Betty Swallowes) #1

This is a solid starter toon with skills maxed out in the right places,

She has no kill right, pos wallet, located in empire, no assets etc.

All CCP rules apply

remap ready with 2 additional remaps.

5b minimum b/o

(Betty Swallowes) #2

bump it up

(N3W KING) #3

5b b/o ready right now

(Betty Swallowes) #4

ok, send her your acct deets to ship her to and 5b and I will do it now

(HAN O SolO) #5


(Betty Swallowes) #6

k, i will log and do it, please stand by

(Betty Swallowes) #7

done, you should get an e-mail shortly to confirm, fly safe :slight_smile:

(system) #8

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