SOLD - Bidding closed - WTS ORE Capital Pilot - (FULL ORE SHIP TREE!)

(Sapphire Nightfall) #1

WTS ORE Capital Pilot - (FULL ORE SHIP TREE!!!)

14.2M SP

Flies Rorqual, Orca, Bowhead, Exhumers and Expedition Frigates. (No waisted SP)

This pilot is ready out of the box for ORE fleet ops and can pay for itself very quickly!

  1. Positive Wallet
  2. NO kill rights
  3. 5 Implants (+3s)
  4. Main in HS, 1 Jump Clone in HS. (Hulm VIII)
  5. Remap Available - PLUS 2 Bonus Remaps
  6. 86 Skills Injected
  7. Sec Status (0.0)


Bidding closes 24hrs after first bid.

Reserve: 16 B
Buyout 25 B

(Sapphire Nightfall) #2

Daily Bump

(Doctor Niubility) #3

12b and help bump

(Sandy Coxx) #4


(Alexis R3n) #5

16 bo

(Sapphire Nightfall) #6

Bid clock started.

Bidding closes at 1600 eve time Saturday.

Buyout REDUCED. New buyout 19b

Thanks all!

(Sapphire Nightfall) #7

Daily Bump - Bidding ends 1600 Eve Time (Two Hours)

(Sapphire Nightfall) #8

Alexis is winning bid.

Awaiting Acct Info and Funds

(Alexis R3n) #9

if you’re here in a couple of hour i?ll send everything so you can start the transfer

(Alexis R3n) #10

Account details and ISK sent. waiting the seller to transfer the character to the given account.

(Sapphire Nightfall) #11

Isk received, transfer request submitted.


(system) #12

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