Sold can be Close have fun Shahni Khashour


20b buy out offer

13 BIl here

Lol 20, must be a fake offer.

Offering 15 here, valid for 1hour.

i take your offer

buyout offer revoked

What a surprise

not for me i have this calculated

You accept my offer correct? Shall I send ISK and account details?

no sry the char have a new Omega license +20mio SP

my hope is big that comming a better offer

The Estimated Extraction for this character is 12,210,497,866 ISK since all other skills have already been drained (and you know it)

I highly doubt anyone will offer more than 15. Offer valid for 15min more.

this is my first time that i offered a char in Bazzar. you can go as high as you like over time, if not a bit more isk it stays in my hand

16, absolute final offer…

15min has passed, offer retracted.

Mail me ingame if you change your mind and we can discuss it.

so next round and pls no fake offer. i rember 20mio SP and a new omega license come on guys give me nice offer

The omega license is for your account, not for the character, you cannot make that part of your offer as it does not transfer with the character.

ah ok and why says other buyer and seller send me your data and so

Hey, I have no idea what you meant with the previous post.

You arent gonna get 20bn without T2 indy. Bid 14bn