SOLD can by closed

Unallocated Skillpoints: 1,699,592
Total Skillpoints: 6,189,584

Amarr pilot
Positiv wallet
No kill rights
Security status 0.0
Lokated in high sec - Hek
Ship Skins 87
NPC corp
Neural remap available now + 2 Bonus remap

All CCP rules accepted

BO 6.8 Bill
I will not sell it under 6 Bill

Need to be in an npc corp.

It is since this morning , seems that is not yet updated , ty for your observation I will update the Character Sheet when it will show the new corp - Imperial Academy

i am intrested in your character plus send your character sheet and ill add my bid

Finaly the Character Sheet page was corected .

Bump …

5bil. let me know i can buy

ty for your offer , if u put one bil plus it is yours :slight_smile:

Hmm… its quiet expensive for that SP… not specified for any jobs… so it could be 5b or we can negociate

Maybe so , but it has 1.7 mil. unalocated SP u can specialize him , so no rush take your time , best regards .

after consider, i decieded to buy yours. isk and acc info sent

Ty for the trade , isk received , character being transfered will by complete after 10/12/2023
2;27;34 AM .

Fly safe o/

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