SOLD Character 36M Plus sp Tengu ishtar mining and indy

Jumpclone - Dodixie
Killrights - No
Sec Status - Positive
Wallet - Positive

Looking for 20-30B

3 days for hac5 and max tengu. Max PI as well

bump of the day

19.5b offer

daily bump

daily bump

22b offer

I accept your offer. send isk and I’ll start the transfer

ISK and Account Info is send

You only sent 2.2b not 22b. Please Correct before I start a transfer.

2020.12.07 05:10 Player Donation 2,200,000,000 ISK Yinian Preldent deposited cash into Xbgt Onnlin’s account

sorry the left 19.8b is send

The account to send to is showing as inactive please confirm account name in the email I’m about to send you.

The transfer has started. Updating this to sold.

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