Sold character
It has long been in the NPC corporation, Positive wallet, there is no right to kill, Security Status -1.56 the character itself is in the system Perimetr,you can fly on the Capital Ship: Chimera / Archon / Revelation / Wyvern / Aeon / Revenant / and other

Bonus Remaps 2
Yearly Remap 1

Set : High-grade Crystal High-grade Crystal Omega
Set : High-grade Slave High-grade Slave Omega

Start price 150 bill
B/O 160 bill

156 bil

ok Maizie_Fields

this one is scam lol

LOL,no it’s not a scam !

Who will be interested in buying a character, you can write me a game, we will conclude with you a private sale …


Accepted, waiting for isk and starting transfer

Wait for a moment,

convo me ingame

isk sent
will post here when bio is complete to transfer

isk received

slot is open and ready

The character transfer process has begun.

CCP mail received. Thanks!

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