[SOLD/CLOSED] WTS Jump Freighter (Nomad)/Hauler pilot +24M sp

Selling myself: Minmatar T2 Jump Freighter and Gallente T2 Hauler pilot

+24 million skill points (including 768,500 unallocated)

Highlighted skills all at Level 5:

  • Jump Drive Calibration
  • Jump Drive Operation
  • Jump Fuel Conservation
  • Jump Freighters
  • Minmatar Freighter (Nomad)
  • Gallente Industrial
  • Transport Ships (Occator)

Skills here
Wallet balance: Positive
No kill rights
No jump clones
NPC corp: Sebiestor Tribe (nearly 10 Years)
Located: Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant

Standard implant set and +2 neural remaps ready.

All CCP rules apply.

Any idea how much you are looking for

I’m pretty reasonable.

I know that if I skill-extract to sell on the market, I’d get approximately 18B isk at current Jita 4-4 prices.

However, if I wanted to re-create this exact same pilot with injectors, I’d need approximately 48 of them (42B isk at current Jita 4-4 prices and not including skillbook costs, etc.) or a whole lot of omega time…

Consequently, the number is somewhere in between those two wide numbers. But again, I’m reasonable.

May I ask how many days need to train for any carrier, dread, titan respectively? If I only need to fly a hull and don’t care about anything else

As much time as it would take any new pilot…

Ginger is narrowly focused on T2 Gallente Transport ships and T2 Minmatar Jump Freighters and all their support skills / nothing else.

The value is probably around 24b. Injection cost is irrelevant to character valuation.
Obviously you can ask for whatever price you like but 24b or close to would be a good deal.

From what I’ve seen, it appears that most well trained characters are getting around 1B isk per 1M sp. So, makes sense to me.

Just waiting on a reasonable bid.

I’ll give you 18b

I’ll give you 19b

20b offer

After reading up on the rules a bit, I noticed that there’s a IRL money component to character transfers (USD20) and according to rule D-6, “The owner of the character being sold is responsible for paying CCP the character transfer fee.”

I had no idea this was the case…

Because of this, I won’t accept anything less that 24 Billion ISK; that’s my breakeven. First person to offer that amount will receive Ginger.

I’m also placing a time limit on this: 48 hours from this post.

Ok 24b

Alright Merlin Skytower. That’s fair.

Send 24 bn isk to Ginger directly and, as soon as I receive it, I’ll initiate the transfer asap.

At work currently will do once i am home tonight

Isk and account sent,

Confirmed/received. I’ll initiate the transfer with CCP now.

Confirming transaction completed. Sent character to the account specified in the eve in-game mail (S************4).

Character Received. Thank you.

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