Sold ty

You still buying these from tiana for 70 and flipping them on here for 100

I don’t know what u referring to , had to let my Post get Closed by an Operator because it was Bugged I could not Edit it anymore… wanted to drop the price to 100b and the Button to Edit wasn’t there… so i made a new post , it is still the same BPC since about 2 Months now… it hasn’t sold by that many other People undercuting me the past weeks.

Paid for this BPC 95b
Next time Pay more Attention before u throw around with Bs :slight_smile:


Daily Bump

Daily Bump :congaparrot:

one day ill b on ur level. o7

To the top :slight_smile:

Still Available

To the top

Price Lowerd cough cough :slight_smile:

WTB 93b

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