(Spam Tostie) #1


Clean History // Positive Wallet
Jita 4-4

No Kill Rights // No Jump Clones

I pay transfer fee.
Starting bid 15b
B/o 22b

(Spam Tostie) #2

BUMP! Updated

Starting bid 13b
B/o 20b

(Betty Swallowes) #3

14b my offer. Sorry a bit short on isk

(Jedir Shepard) #4

15 b/o. Isk rdy.

(Rorka2018) #5

I give your full 20b b/o, good toon.

please hold for 6 hours, I need to prepare isk and new acc.

(Jedir Shepard) #6

ill do the 20b/o too. But instant.

(Rorka2018) #7

ready to transfer. 20b b/o

(Jedir Shepard) #8

20,5b b/o. Isk ready and online.

(Spam Tostie) #9

First one to post to B/o… Im yours

Please send ISK and detials

(Rorka2018) #10

isk sent, acc name evemailed. fly safe.

(Spam Tostie) #11

ISK and account received. Transfer Started

(system) #12

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