SOLD - Erebus

T2 Trimarked Erebus with every trimming you’d ever need:

Out of asset safety in NPC Aunenen station. 83b, no offers.

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Daily bump

Bump. Price reduced to 84b


Final price reduction before I take it off the market for a few weeks/months.

Back up for sale. NPC lowsec station

83b for the full package, can’t ask for better. Daily bump.

Mail sent


Still for sale.

Still for sale. Erebus out of Asset Safety in an NPC station, Aunenen.

Still for sale! This shield super fad won’t last forever! :roll_eyes::sweat_smile:

Had offers in game on the condition I move the Erebus to various Keepstars. I’m afraid I’m a humble trader and am unable to move the school Bus.

The Titan is in an NPC station in Aunenen after being asset safety’d. I’d suggest if you’re worried about the whole NPC station thing, simply wait till about 30 seconds before DT then jump out to a cyno of your choice.


Edit - Now sold

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