SOLD Large Skill Injectors 870M each

Setting private contracts at Jita 4-4.
Please message here or evemail me.
Currently 10 injectors availible.


16.8b for all 20

today have 30 injectors to sell.
Mail me or reply here.

Selling 30 injectors.
Fast delivery for evemail requests, ready to go online right after evemail recieved.

sold out for today

Today i have 25 LSI for sell in Jita. 825M each.
FAST contract setup, evemail me!

sold out for today

I would take them all for 810m

sold out

Sold Out.

125 injectors availible at Jita 4-4.

bump. 830m each.

contract me 10 LSI

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sold out

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