SOLD Miner / Ice Harvester

Located in Jaschercis and used to harvest ice with Marissa Gardallion (Marissa is the orca pilot who was sold). Also refines/processes ice. Clean toon with positive wallet.

12B Minimum, 16B Buyout

NOTE: Melting would net around 8.0B - 8.5B
NOTE: 5.5M Skill left after melting would be worth approximately 4.0B
NOTE: Character Transfer is $20 which is approximately 1.9B


6 bil offer

Needs 12 days to pilot an orca…

6,5 b isk


7.5 bil

I’m interested 8b offer

8.2 bil

9 billion

9.5 billion.

10.5 billion

11 Billion

12.5 billion

I will do this if you are a Pats fan (even though #12 is now a Bucc). :slight_smile:

Need the account name and will get it done!

I am from New England! Just not that into football…but just sent isk and account info. Thanks!

Character transfer started…


Received email confirmation of transfer