[SOLD] Perfect JF (Rhea) pilot 17.25M SP

I’m selling my perfect JF Rhea pilot with 17.25M SP on board:

Positive wallet
No kill rights
Located in Jita 4-4
In an NPC corp
+4 implants set

Not in rush, starting bid 12B.

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Confirmed for sale.

12bn + 0.1 ISK :slight_smile:

13b offered

13bn + 0.1 ISK

14 bn


15bn …

16B isk ready

16.5bn ISK ready.

17B isk

hmmm… 17.2

17.5B isk

18bn b/o :slight_smile:

good luck

If there’s no higher bid by the end of today I’ll accept your bid and start the procedure.

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I accept your bid, if you are still up for it. Send over the ISK, and I’ll begin the transfer asap.

Sending ISK to @Dan_Sever 18bn ISK.

Alright, let me know when you do, so far no transactions.

Payment made. Will DM you via this game mail for the account to transfer to.