SOLD please close

Here I am again, let me know your offers if you are interested, i am sure we can come to a deal :slight_smile:

29b! :snowflake:

come on LSG, you and I both know its worth a good amount more :slight_smile:

Hypernet is โ€œHyperdeadโ€ , Prices are going back to normal :ok_hand:

how about 35 bil :slight_smile: considering they are worth 40

31.5b :heart:

32.5 :slight_smile:

32b!!! I gotta Feed the kids man. :snowflake:

Alright 32 bil i agree too, since you are still always helping me out :heart:

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Thanks gz on your win :snowflake: :heart: :snowflake:

cheers and thanks for the quick sell

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