SOLD Please delete

As per title

Starting bid 25b
B/O 28b

BPC is located in Jita 4-4 for your convenience

25b bid

30b is a broprice, you should buy it :wink:

Still have to many to sell :slight_smile:

Still for sale!

Still for sale!

26 bil

There are some days when I wish I was space rich. This is one of them.

27b :smiley:

Almost at the B/O price boys!

Also still for sale :wink:

Lowering B/O to 29 !

first to hit it gets the bpc!

Lets go to the top!

To the top!


Straight to the top!

Still here still 28b!

up up and away!

I’ll offer the 28b buyout

Contract is up!

@Soulis_Sectar has not yet accepted the contract, so if anyone else wishes to purchase this BPC at 28b or higher, its still for sale!!!

@Bananaboat_Blues I’m working at the moment, will accept in a few hrs.