Sold - Please Delete


I would like sell Hel,
Located in Metropolis.

Any offers are welcome :slight_smile:

12b :slight_smile:

Thanks, I think that is a serious offer, so at 19:00 EVe Time if there will be no more offees I can sell it to you :slight_smile:
Where you wanna the contract ?

Legit Salesgirl , is it in a Keepstar?

Low Sec NPC Station :slight_smile:

And is fully fited to Rating / Tanking how you can see, easy 110 M tick :slight_smile:

It’s a serious offer , I had take it right Now :heart:

That fine we can make this deal, no problem, but anyway you need wait till 19:00 EvE Time because I am now at work and guess what ? I dont have EvE at work :smiley:
So contract to your self?

Yea , see u at 19:00 then :ok_hand:

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Ill bid 12.5b for it.


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If you’re interested, put up a contract to me and I will accept.


13.1b bid


14b sigh… :slight_smile:


I am home now so what is the highest bid ?


Thanks to all :stuck_out_tongue:

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