Sold please delete

Sold delete please

Too bad its not a deadspace mod… GL on your sale

send me mail with what you want

Mailed @The_Key_Master

Still for sale

@The_Key_Master you still interested also bump

Still for sale looking for about 3b isk for it

Buy your bling today

Get your 100mn ab today

Get your bling so I can buy a blinged Loki

Still for sale price lowered

It is sold

i know character ads cannot be deleted, but im sure sales ads aren’t supposed to either.

Really? I never knew that I’ve always seen people put them like that so I do aswell

When a deal has been made please change the thread title and the opening post stating that the item is no longer for sale.

rules didn’t say anything about not deleting for sales ads, but this is what the char bazaar states: I guess where the bazaar is more strict.

Posts in the sales thread once the character has been successfully sold should not be edited. Any information disclosed about the characters may not be removed

most people don’t read the rules for bazaar or any other sales threads either… :smiley:

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