SOLD please delete

Hi all,

I have the Woman’s “Proven Kybernaut” Combat suit which is a very rare drop in the proving grounds. this one dropped during the Omen free for all.

Only two for sale in Jita. One for 17.5bil and the other 12bil.

Come make me an offer if interested.


7.5b offer

Thank you for the offer but ive been contacted in game and offered 10bil. Ive said to the person the ads just gone live and they were the first offer.

Happy to run it for a few days unless im given an offer i cant refuse.

But genuinely thanks for the offer.

11bil offer

Thank you for the offer.

11bil is winning.

Since ive had 2 good offers so quickly i’ll set the buyout at 12bil so this doesnt drag out


Thank you…11.1bil winning


Thank you for the offer…11.2bil is winning

comedy show over here

Oh you’re after some comedy…

Did you hear about the scarecrow who won the Nobel Peace prize…Apparently it was outstanding in its field!!


Wee bump for today. Will end sale tomorrow at DT.

Sold for 11.2Bil.

Thanks all

show proof or fake news

Love the saltyness!! :wink:

love the fake pump

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