[SOLD}please delete

2 Bonus Remaps are available
Genolution Implants
Jita 4-4
Positive Wallet
No kill rights
No JC’s


  • Gallente BS V
  • Gallente Cruiser V
  • Gallente Frigate V
  • Light Drones V
  • Medium Drones V
  • Heavy Drones V
  • Drone Interfacing V
  • Great armor/Engi skills

Starting 10b
Buyout 15b

10b b/o


Daily Bump

11b offer - isk ready right now

11.5b offer

14b b/o isk ready now

If 14 offer still stands ill take it, send isk and acct name whenever ur rdy. thx

Modifying my offer to 12.5b - isk ready right now.

Sent you mail Umenod & Bump

Daily Bump

12b offer


still sell?12.5b isk ready

I can offer 10B, if u still for selling

I am waiting for many days. R u still for selling?

14b ready

This character still for sale?