Sold. Please Delete


I would give you 43.5 bill for 100

Hello Sir,

Thanks you for your offer, can we meet at middle ?

44,5 Bill for 100 @445M each or 88bill for 200 @440M each.

Btw have more then 200, if you are interest.

Someone just sold me 60 at 430 so I think 435 is more than fair for now.

How many you willing take ?

I will take 100 please

I can do 100 for 44Bills

@Limited_Liability comtract up 100x @440m each of total 44Bills

Sorry I got them filled at 425

Daily bump!

Still more then 1000 left for @435M per unit

would you be willing to trade for plex, 87 plex per one skill extractor? If so, I can take all 1000

Hello @Levon_Bedros

The price of the extractors went up and the price for PLEX is somewhere around 4.9 M each, so if you like to offer little more PLEX for extractor (lets say 90 PLEX per Extractor @441M each) maybe if you take 500+ at least I can do more tweak. Leave me know.

I can do 88.5 per if you want, but thats the highest I can go. If that works, please throw up a contract. If not, no worries.

Can leave it go for 89 per one, Can do contract in next 20 mins, Have 600 left.
89 x 4 900 000 = 436 100 000 / unit
Very good price

Sure, why not. you can contract the 600


Contract up!

Accepted, Pleasure doing business!

Same here. Sold. Please delete!!!