SOLD - Please ignore

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Location is Basgerin Keepstar

Here is the fitting + extra -

Selling for

24B - Fully fitted

15B - Bare just hyper rigs

Mail in game for negotiations.

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Still selling boys and girls

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Come get yer super mates

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Still on sale

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STILL for sale btw

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Still selling FYI

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It is still on sale

(Kanapeczki Kanapeczki) #8

Price lowered, cause Wyvern

(Tiddle Jr) #9

I’m sort of confused about praisal of the thing.
16b (hull and rigs), correct? Evepraisal link is for fit which include hyper rigs as well, and its arround 7b, so taking off rigs price we have arround 6b left. In the end 16b +6b is 22b in total.

Or I missed something?

(Kanapeczki Kanapeczki) #10

Sorry for the late reply, I was going inbetween buy and sell price. I just rounded it up to 8b (for the fittings), and 16b for the hull itself (includes rigs)

I knew there was going to be some questioning so I am open for Negotiations.

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Still the same, still selling

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I may (Might) take your offer on it.

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Big bump for big damage

(Master Tyberious) #15

17B for everything.

(Kanapeczki Kanapeczki) #16

I am not going to sell everything for 17b.

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