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Unanchored Azbel - 5b - Including shipping to any NPC station or most citadels (mail for details)

Azbels cost 3.5B buy order in Jita, you may reconsider your price.

Correct, that’s the buy order price.

Sell orders are currently at 4b and im including shipping to any npc station or most citadels :chillparrot:


So you’re including ~200-250m worth of shipping for “free” at the price of over a billion more than the item is actually worth?

Good luck.

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Azbel’s are at 3.9b in Jita right now - can you let me know where you can get up to 5b shipped to null or a citadel for 250m please?

PushX or the logistics services in just about any null alliance worth a damn.

I’d be hard pressed to find a way to ship an azbel for a ■■■■■■■ billion, the gall of calling it “free” is goddamn hilarious.

Black Frog would charge 850m for that example route.

I am offering to ship to any npc station or most citadels which even Black Frog don’t offer.

So, can you let me know again where you can get the shipping for 250m to null for 5b collateral?

I answered that idiot question already: PushX or any alliance internal logistics service.

Sub 250 for an NPC station. Alliance internal logi tends to be even cheaper.

I am offering to ship to any npc station or most citadels which even Black Frog don’t offer.

Yes, and you’re overcharging while lying about it being free.

Charge whatevever you want, but you’re going to have to come up with some slightly less obvious BS if you don’t want to be called on it.

Again, do pushx deliver to citadels? Your not really getting that bit are you. Yes, to an npc station you have cheaper options and I would recommend that over what I’m offering here :chillparrot:

Bring 'er to 1DQ1-A.


Your really offended by this post aren’t you?

I just wouldn’t want an unsophisticated buyer to see this nonsense and think it’s anything less than a shameless ripoff.

Your concern for the “unsophisticated” buyer is admirable. I think most people dropping 4b on anything would probably shop around and check their options out first?

You’d think they would, but then, your whole shtick of grossly overpricing something and calling it “free” is basically relying on the fact that some people won’t do that, right?

After all, if it were actually “free” and not something you’re hoping to glean additional margin from, the easiest thing to do would be for you to simply sell it in Jita, at the Jita price.

Sold :chillparrot:

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