Sold Privately

Positive Wallet
No Kill rights
No Jump Clones
Location to where u want
Not in NPC corp, CEO of lone wolf corp in gallente space
30m sp Full set of improved skill implants
One remap available

Perfect starter toon

link doesnt work

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16bil buy out. isk in hand

Need to be in npc corp

To transfer to another acc abolutely - Nvr said not leaving corp merely being honest about where the toon is right now. I dont need the isk - main toon has been around much longer than Shinju with contentment. So thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Since allot of power and control are being excersized which is a sure sign of narcissimg - the toon will be withdrawn from the market. Sorry I deal with no one that does not understand empathy or open minded thinking whatsoever. Narcissism are far to much of a rigid personality type for me to even gimpse at it. Wishing you a wonderful day further,

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