SOLD Prometheus Fortizar

located in Jita
19b ISK b/o or best offer. Am ready to go lower.

16,5b offer

Thx for the offer, but this is still pretty far away from my 20b dream. I am sure, that you can do better.

Lets bump this.

17b offer. all i have :frowning:

Noted, thx for the offer.
I will give it a few more days, cause the last ones sold for 18-19b. If nobody else is interested i will poke you again.

Didnt logged in yet, was away.

Thx alot for your offer, but i also got another better offer via mail.

Maybe you can bump up your offer a bit more?

Ok, i did waste some time with a scammer.

I do appreciate @Alocose offer. If anything goes wrong with the current top bid, i will hit you up again. Hes a great guy and even warned me to not fall for the scammer.

Best real offer right now is 17,5b. If nobody tops that i will sell in 23 hours.


I did also reduce the buyout to 19b, because i buyout above Jita is stupid :smiley:

SOLD for 17,5b

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