Sold sold

(Madam Hotness) #1

Post an offer if you’re interested, thanks.

4.25 c/o
5b buyout
I’ll give it a day, and whoever is highest gets the hotness.
Thanks for the interest.

(Ellariona) #2

I’ll bid 3.5 bil for the Madam

(TheBank Manager) #3

3,8 b./o

(Votineque) #4

Bid 4 bil

(TheBank Manager) #5

4,25 cuz why not!

(Votineque) #6

Retracted bid, found another

(Madam Hotness) #7


(RR Enat) #8


(RR Enat) #9


(Madam Hotness) #10

c/o is 4.25 at the moment. You must go higher if you’d like the best c/o. I will take a buyout of 5b if anyone is interested. Thanks

(Madam Hotness) #11

bid accepted. send isk and details and we’ll get this done.

(RR Enat) #12

ISK and account info sent

(Madam Hotness) #13

isk received, transfer started. thanks.

(system) #14

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