SOLD Sotiyo in Caldari lowsec 22b

(Pretty Funny) #1

packaged sotiyo in lowsec
by direct contract only…


(Pretty Funny) #2

still available

(Pretty Funny) #3

still available
post here or evemail

(Pretty Funny) #4

still available

(Pretty Funny) #5

It’s still available

(Pretty Funny) #6

Sotiyo still available make a realistic offer, must go

(Taraas Enko) #7

15 bil if you want it gone contract it and will accept straight away

(Elaine Hindbear) #8

If you need immediate isk I can offer 16.5bn assuming its in a NPC station

(Pretty Funny) #9

considering your offer, i’ll take the bump

(Legit Salesgirl) #10

msg sent

(Pretty Funny) #11

sold to Legit_salesgirl

(system) closed #12

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