-- SOLD -- Thank you!

Selling up to 40K PLEX, looking for the best wholesale offers (min 10K PLEX). Please mail in game if you’re interested and I will issue you a contract. Also considering trades for Large Skill Injectors.

in game mail send

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175.5b for the 40k

Please message in game with offers. Thank you!

Per original post, looking to clear out new lot of PLEX, taking Large Skill Injectors from anywhere in game, they do not need to be in Jita.

With PLEX settling in at 4.5~, I’m looking for: 74B (3.7m each) + 20 LSI (located anywhere) for 20K PLEX.

Offers still welcome. Again, accepting LSI’s based anywhere in EVE as part of this deal. So if you’re liquidating a character and the LSI’s are in null, that is fine. They don’t need to be transported to Jita.

– SOLD – Thanks!

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