Sold to the highest bidder

Hey I’m not Daavid Ceee or Tellmeway or nbonga but I’ve got the skills needed for Sabre.

I’ve got no kill rights (friends with everyone!), positive wallet, and a few sabres around the universe. Now sitting in Jita with maybe one jump clone somewhere. Who needs those when you can fly? A million+ SP unallocated and a lot of science stuff that can be stripped (just gathering up for extraction).

I hope someone will carry on the mission and bubble all the way!

I’m keeping this open for 2 weeks in the hope of some old friend noticing. Minimum 20b. Test Alliance buyers get a free Sapporo Jones’s frozen corpse.

Free Sabres too?

20b 24h

Would you mind plugging him into Quantum Anomaly ?

Thanks. I was hoping he was close to a Minokawa.

Interested. 18b?

Not quite enough :frowning:

ah didn’t see your minimum. 21b?

21b is a good offer. How about close this on Friday if anyone wants a shot at it. Just remembered that I forgot to point out that after this character was created, it scored 780 kills in a row (mostly solo) before dying the first time and then almost 500 kills more before it died the second time.

I must admit that I’m after the character for practical reasons (i.e. I need an alt in a sabre with which to tackle and shoot things) much more than its storied past. As such I’d really like to have the character as soon as possible.

In recognition of its illustrious history & unique name, I’m willing to offer 25b today if you will start the transfer immediately upon receipt of payment.

Let’s do it. 25b to Sabre Pilot, and an evemail with your account name to transfer to. If you can make that in 30 minutes I’ll start the transfer today; otherwise it will take until tomorrow.

Payment and evemail with acct name sent!

Transfer started. Enjoy the free sabres.