[SOLD] WTS 12M SP Basic Thanatos Ratting Pilot

Hi there, I am up for sale.

eveboard link: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Leona_Tranquillita
password: 123

Basic Gallente Carrier ratting skill with certain drone&basic dampening

Currently located in Jita M4 in NPC corp Garoun Investment Bank
Sec. statue 5.01
Positive ISK 5m
No asset
No kill right, no bounty, no jump clone
3 cheap basic implants
1 remap available
Some random skins

I will pay transfer fee

offering 9.5b, isk to this character.

Please reply in this thread or mail this character in-game.


5.5 b

9.5 Bil B/O

B/O accepted. Would you please send ISK and account info to Leona Tranquillita via in-game mail? Will initiate transfer as soon as ISK is received.


isk and account info sent

ISK receiving confirmed, transferring now


transferring now

Character received

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