[SOLD] WTS 🔥 140M SP (4.5m unalloc) Super, JF, Fax, Marauders, Subcap Pilot

All CCP rules apply
Positive wallet
0.8 Sec Status
140,730,468 total SP
4,510,052 unallocated SP
No kill rights
1 Remap available
In NPC corp, in hisec
No jump clones

Can fly supercarriers (Gallente Carrier 5, Amarr Carrier 4)
Marauders 5
Caldari & Gallente BS 5
Can fly apostle
Jump Fuel Conservation 5
Jump Freighters 5
Fighters 5
Light Fighters 5
Support fighters 5
Heavy fighters 4

Much more!

B/O: 130b

not important

ill start u off with 120


130b accepted, please send isk and account name for transfer.

ISK and email to send to you, please initiate role transfer

Transfer initiated. Thank you.

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