SOLD WTS 15,9M sp Character SOLD

(Roffelcakes) #1
15,9 mill sp
positive wallet
Security status is 0.0
NO kill rights
Located in Amarr
Got 600k ISK on him

Good Gunnery, Drones Shield and engineering skills. Made for Cruiser combat, can easily be trained for more t2 ships.

I will pay transfer.

price around 12 bil

(Roffelcakes) #2

managed to remove pass on eveskillboard

(Roffelcakes) #3

still for sale!

(Roffelcakes) #4

New price 10 bill

(Dobo ZOh) #5

10 bil

(Roffelcakes) #6

offer accepted

(Dobo ZOh) #7

money listed

(Roffelcakes) #8

money received and transfer started

(system) #9

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