[SOLD] WTS 19.8 mil SP Focused Rorqual Pilot

Selling this character

  • Positive wallet

  • No kill rights

  • Clone/chacater located in highsec

  • No corp history

Skill highlights include:

886 883 unallocated SP

  • Cybernetics 5

  • Industrial Reconfiguration 5

  • Drone Interfacing 5

  • Jump Drive Calibration 5

  • Next remap available now and 2 bonus remaps still available

With the free SP and JDC5, this toon can be turned into a jump freighter pilot instantly.

Starting at 19B with 26B B/O.

Twin brother is being sold here: WTS 19.8 mil SP Focused Rorqual Pilot
Possible discount can be arranged if both toons are bought at B/O in tandem.

50B for 2, 25B each

isk and account information sent!

This sale has been completed and thread can be closed.

Sale has been completed. This thread can be closed.