SOLD WTS 2 Female Exhumers IV not wasted points 6.3m

Interested in These Miners ?

6.4m aprox Training Mechanics now for be identical…

Are inactive now and not use for them.

Are in high sec, all ccp rules aply, no killing rights

Pay with credit card. Please answer the thread if u interested, i am not reading the ve mail.

I enter in a minute to confirm.

I am for sale.

I am for sale.

Interested in one of them. What’s the price?

Offer, really need clerar the Space .

5b isk buyout for one of them


I am transfer out other character of the germany account, sent 5b to Hungary Please and answer the thread IU go to commute in some minutes, but stay here 15 min more.

This is my first time, please tell me how to proceed, or link instructions :slight_smile:

I will take the other one for 5b B/O

Simple steps :slight_smile:
1 ) Send the ISK to Hungary miner
2 ) Send an eve mail to hungary miner with the ACCOUNT NAME you have in the launcher.
3 ) Answer the thread.
4 ) I send you the Pilot to your account
5 ) You probably receive a Mail for CCP, if is the case, update thread.
6 ) ypu receive the pilot in ten hours aprox.

Ok, i agree to sell germany miner.

Send the Isk and account name to her.

Money sent. Email in game sent.

Info and Isk sent to Germany Miner

Ok i go to enter to both pilots and update when the transfer is Made.

Please update the Thread when you receive the CCP mail.

Give me some 10 minutes to begin the transfer, i am in a slow machine.

Both Transfer are done.

Please update the thread when you recieve the ccp Mail.

CCP email received

Character Transfer Received


Another player is transferring the character Germany Miner to your account named XXXXXXX

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on the sender account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.

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