SOLD - WTS 20 Faction towers + 500 Faction POS modules

In Jita
Price for the whole lot - 15bil
Would like to avoid selling it piece by piece but open to your offers.

Domination Control Tower 4
Dread Guristas Control Tower 9
Shadow Control Tower Medium 7
Dread Guristas Ion Field Projection Battery 31
Dread Guristas Phase Inversion Battery 26
Dread Guristas Spatial Destabilization Battery 24
Dread Guristas White Noise Generation Battery 33
Guristas Ion Field Projection Battery 9
Guristas Spatial Destabilization Battery 4
Guristas White Noise Generation Battery 7
Serpentis Medium Railgun Battery 1
Shadow Medium Blaster Battery 2
Shadow Small Railgun Battery 2
Dread Guristas Torpedo Battery 2
Guristas Cruise Missile Battery 8
Guristas Torpedo Battery 9
Angel Medium Artillery Battery 9
Angel Medium AutoCannon Battery 1
Angel Small Artillery Battery 18
Angel Small AutoCannon Battery 20
Domination Large Artillery Battery 14
Domination Large AutoCannon Battery 70
Domination Medium Artillery Battery 106
Domination Medium AutoCannon Battery 15
Domination Small Artillery Battery 9
Domination Stasis Webification Battery 30
Serpentis Warp Disruption Battery 1
Shadow Warp Disruption Battery 33
Shadow Warp Scrambling Battery 18
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