(SOLD) WTS 23M SP Indy Character (Hulk, Freighter, T2 Transports)


My name is Alysa Skywalker, I am a 2011 character with positive sec status, wallet, and located in jita 4-4. I have 159,998 unused skillpoints.
I can fly Hulks, T2 Indy Ships and Freighters and use T2 mining drones. My combat skills are pretty decent but nothing to write to mother about, but I can fly a WTM
incursion Nightmare T2 fit. I am all around great character for the aspiring eve player to plot economical domination and expand into military domination.
The rest of my skills are here: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/alysa_skywalker

This is an auction

Opening Bid: 15b ISK
Buyout: 18b ISK

Auction ends Monday at 12:00 PM Mountain Time, or when I have decided to take a buy out offer.
Any bids below opening or current high bid are consider free bumps and will be ignored.

For questions contact Clouded Haze or TyraelRo in game.

14b offer

cause of youre skill buildup (wich is a bit all over the place) but i dont wanna be a douche so i will just look at the skills that are relevant lvl 1 exhumer lvl 5 freighter

i will bid 8 bil

wich is a offer for the freighter skill wich is usefull not the rest wich is not

I agree with @boernl and raise the bid to 9B. If you wanna discuss this ingame, feel free to contact me directly


less then 24 hours left bump*****

11B isk ready now

11.5B offer now

15b B/O valid for 2h from now



wish i woke up earlier for that offer

I’ll offer the same if you’re serious.

i seriously want too sell yes but i wan too get all i can the skills may be spread but i believe she is worth it!

I’m offering you 15bn. It’s the most you’ve been offered so far.

Thing about this one is that it’s going to require a lot of work to fix. There’s all of the scattered skills everywhere that will need to be extracted to clean it up.

16b and she is urs

Sorry no.

she has too be worth that

Like I said. There is a lot to fix on this and so many skills aren’t trained. I honestly think that 15bn is even generous to be fair.