SOLD WTS 27.9M JF pilot (Ark/Anshar mastery V) SOLD

Jungle Wild (JF pilot)

I’m a Level 5 mastery Ark / Anshar pilot
I can fly Occator / Viator / Bowhead

Sp 27,903,642 = 23,884,392 allocated + 4,019,250 unallocated
NPC corp (since birth in 2015, no player corp history)
Main clone docked in Amarr, +4 attributes slot 1-2-3-4 implants
Empty clones docked in Bittanshal, Perimeter, Rens
Bonus remap available: 1
85 skins (daily rewards ones)
Positive balance
No kill rights / no bounties
Empty kill/loss history
Security Status 0.0
Positive Triglavian and EDENCOM standings

Starting bid: 20b
Buy out: 30b

23b but looking to buy today before I go on vacation.

30b online right now and able to send the isk

Deal. Please send ISK and account info.

isk and account information send :slight_smile: thank you

Transfer initiated.

(edit) Transfer completed.
It was a pleasure doing business with you.

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