[SOLD] WTS 28M SP Orca Booster/Industry/Reprocessing Pilot

I’m for sale:

Focused as Orca T2 booster and Drone miner.
Focused T2 BS + Cap production
Focused HS Asteroid and Moon ore Reproccessing
Focused Trade Skills


RX-804 (Reproccesing)
Mining Foreman Mindlink

  • Positive wallet
  • Positive Sec Status

Start: 18B

Offer expired

Thank you for a bid I never even caught :slight_smile:. Don’t forget: timezones.


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And up she goes

I’m thinking 16b, how do you think boy?

Thanks for the bid but to low buddy.

Bump to the top

Bump to the top

To infinity and beyond!

Up and away

Beam me up Scotty

Uptown Girl

Up, the movie

18B offer

Thank you for the offer. I had received an 18b offer ingame, should have posted that.

And here is the mentioned 18b ingame offer :wink:

I accept Pikko’s offer. ISK and account info received. Will start transfer as soon as I can!

Character in transfer. Enjoy!

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