[SOLD] WTS 3 stations in C3 WH static HS ... Industrial complex

We’re selling 3 stations in a C3 static empire WH, 5M mass

  • Copy speed Rig II and Structure and ship manufacturing.
  • Reprocess rig II
  • Research rig I

Station Cost around 10b ( no core install ) selling the entire complex at 6b.

Perfect for starting a great industrial pool, production of orca, fuel bloc, structure hub…

Another corporation is actually living in the hole, a fortizar inside.

( We’re not selling the hole only the station. )

Contact me if you’re interested

Crus o7

This sounds like a horrible idea, what’s the other corps opinion of this?

We’re living in this hole since 2 years.
In EvE you can set people blue, have a deal together, working hand in hand, the chaos is not the only possible way.

Sold :slight_smile:

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