[SOLD] WTS 30m SP pilot

Hi all,

Looking to sell this character, Saladrina Just over 30mil sp with 850k unallocated.

NPC corp, located in Jita, no kill rights, positive isk and sec status.

Would like to start at 18bil
Many thanks!

18b buyout ISK ready

18.5 offer

19b :ok_hand:

19.5b offer :slight_smile:

20B offer :smiley:

Hi @Frederica_G

Thank you for your bid, I’d like to accept if your offer still stands.


Bump for today, still up for sale!

my offer still stands :slight_smile:

Thanks @Cherrylips_PepsiMAX

I’ll accept your offer, send me details in game where you want transfer sent! :grinning:

19.5b for Saladrina at 30M skillpoints sent ingame aswell as Account Details. Cheers and Thanks!

Transfer started.

Many thanks!

Email recieved ! Thanks again

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