SOLD-WTS 32 mil SP Combat pilot


Character is in Jita 4-4
No kill rights
Positive Isk balance

Starting bid: 28 bil
Buyout: 35 bil

  • All CCP rules accepted
  • ISKs balance is positive
  • NPC corp
  • Clone in Caldari space
  • No kill rights
  • I’ll pay for transfer etc

link not working

apologies for that try the new link @SralOben

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28 bil offer

thank you for the bid, keeping it open.

@Scamitron If you can do 29.5 bil we can make a deal.

Sorry, I consider this price to be too high.
There are no implants or expensive books. Pure skill points. What’s the status of the standings?

Pilot was mainly used for FW PVP and some null sec roams:

28.5B offer

Bid accepted, Send ISK to Damien Rackham and ingame mail account information and account transfer will be initiated once received. @Psycho_Drive

ISK Sent and Ingame Mail sent with Account Name.

2024.05.20 01:26 Player Donation -28,500,000,000 ISK 99,961,330 ISK [r] Psycho Drive deposited cash into Damien Rackham’s account.

Perfect timing was about to head off for the night. Thanks for the sale o/

ISK received and account transfer initiated, thank you, @Psycho_Drive

Looks like the transfer should be complete. I see the character on ny login page on mobile. Weirdly I didn’t get an email about the transfer. Ill verify I can login into the characfer when I’m home later.


Got Character Transfer Complete