[SOLD] WTS 36m Amarr Combat Pilot w/some WH and PI skills

WTS 36m Amarr Combat pilot with some wormhole/PI skills.

Sorry for not being able to highlight ship skills. I’m a returning player and wouldn’t do it justice. I bought this on the bazaar myself years ago with the intent to try out the Amarr combat ships. And at the time I thought it had impressive combat skills.

54 skills at level 5

  • 13 Spaceship Command
  • 13 Gunnery
  • 9 Engineering
  • 7 Armor
  • and so on


Located in Amarr VIII Osiris - Emperor Family Academy
Positive Wallet
No Jump Clones
No Kill Rights

Wearing set of Genolution implants (CA-1, CA-2, CA-3, CA-4) and EG-604 Power Management in slot 6

Bidding Starts at 30B

32 b/o

Sure, that works for me. Ion is yours coasteleve. Thanks!

Are you ready to start

Yup. Just now home from work. I have all evening to work through the transfer.

Ok ill contact you in game for isk and account info

Isk and account info sent to character of sale. Thanks.

Transfer initiated, thanks!

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