SOLD - WTS 4.9m SP Amarr - PVP

WTS 4.9m SP Amarr - PVP

-2 Bonus remap available
-All +3 Implant
-Positive wallet
-Positive Sec Status
-No kill rights
-Fresh default corp (toon never joined any corp and no combat log)
-Parked in Amarr empire.
-All CCP Rules Apply.
-I’ll pay transfer fee.
-ISK goes to this character.

Bid: starts at 4b
Ends with any reasonable offer.

Offering 4b.


Sending account details and ISK in a minute.

My offer 5b

ISK (EDIT: and account name) sent.

Offer stays with Sofia for 4b…starting transfer now

@QueenOfEast)…I will post another same type toon soon (msg Coverta)

Isk received. Transfer started…

This character is being transferred to another account (S********) and cannot be logged in.

Received the confirmation mail. Good doing business with you!

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