[SOLD] WTS 5.4M, 370skills, 2006, ready for injection


I’m selling a low sp toon with 370 injected skills (most of them at lvl 0 as I sold most of my sp last year to whelp this https://zkillboard.com/kill/63027137/ as a goodbye present to purps). Time for new things.

Starting bid: 5.5bil
B/O: 9bil (370 skills cost a lot, even without sp, do the math)

Positive security, wallet, empire standings. Docked in Jita. Named on a monument in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Auction closes on May 2nd, 20:00H Evetime or with buyout.

Note: 84th all time top arazu pilot and I was also third top killer of the month couple years back. but yea, irrelevant without sp I guess

5.5 bil…

noted, will await more bids.

Bid 6.0 bil

noted, awaiting higher bids

daily bump for views

I accept the Votineque offer and will initiate transfer, awaiting ISK and acct name.

Isk sent and acct info in reason box

initiating transfer

Edit: SOLD! Transfer has begun. Have fun with her, I did for 12 years.

Will do, thx :slight_smile:

Character received, thx.

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