[SOLD] WTS 5M SP character

Want to sell this character. Ready to “transporter”.

Many skill books injected
(more than 600kk, including all Freighters, ORE Freighter, Jump Freighters, Industrial Command Ships, etc),
250 000 unlocated SP
+3 imp to all atributes,
Remap aviable, +1 bonus remap,
Docked in hi-sec,
0.0 Sec Status,
No kill rights,
Zero wallet,
NPC corp,
100k bounty =)


Starting bid 4.0b !firm!, B/O 4.5b, 24h wait from last bid for win.
I pay transfer fee.

Daily bump

3.0 bil bid

Add some money and get this pilot =)


4b b/o

If nothing higher comes along next day it’s yours.


Your offer is accepted. Send me money and info for transferring.

Due to absence of confirmation, bidding continues until buyer confirms the deal.

Isk and accinfo sent

Received, I start the transfer

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